It’s all about my journey, skills, how I like to work, and research.

How I work

I enjoy a remote lifestyle for the last six years. I believe in distributed teams and remote team cultures. It is the synonym for productivity and high-quality teams with top talents, most important a perfect life balance and happiness.

I use technology to solve problems and build digital products. Ideas and innovations are the biggest motivation for me. I had an opportunity to play for both sides, startups and enterprises. We won every time, but the startup vibe is what I would choose.


I hang up my JavaScript/ Python toolbelt a few years ago, fall in love with idiomatic Go, and experiments with Rust. With Cloud-native principles in mind, I am designing and developing highly scalable, truly available distributed systems.

Kubernetes is a new kernel, multi-cloud, and day two applications are what I am passionate about. I am also interested in decentralization, blockchain, confidential computing, and anything that can help me in my work or idea productization.

Technology is a tool. I like walking on the edge.